Vivitar 360 skyview drone

What Vivitar has missed, however, are the four AA-size batteries needed for the remote, which would have been nice to have in the box, as well, but, I guess, they can be forgiven for this minor oversight. Then, start by inserting each of the propeller guards into its corresponding slot at the end of each arm. Double check all the four guards to see they fit in snugly, to ensure proper protection of the rotor blades. Next, flip the drone over to access its underside, where you will first connect the camera to the camera port and then slide the camera into its designated slot.

Again, check to see if the fitting is snug enough. So, connect the included charging cable into the charging port, located on the side of the battery and, then, plug in the USB end of the cable to a USB power source, like you would do with your phone.

vivitar 360 skyview drone

It will take a couple of hours of charging to fully juice up the battery, which is then good to give you 15 minutes in the air — give or take — before you get a low battery notification. On the face-up side of the remote, you have two stubby control sticks, two large buttons and four small buttons, with four buttons on the shoulders and two on the back, plus a pair of antennas and a mount for your smartphone.

The left control stick is for altitude control, allowing you to take the drone higher when pushed forward, reducing its altitude when pulled backward.


The right one controls the lateral movement of the quadcopter-drone — left and right; forward and backward. The two small buttons on the left of the remote are for speed control, allowing you to fly your machine on low, medium, or high. The shoulder buttons include the one key return, GPS Surround mode, and the compass calibration buttons, while on the underside of the remote you have your one-key take-off and one-key landing buttons.

Use the included screwdriver to remove the lone screw on the battery cover and install the four AA batteries you were smart enough to keep within reach. The markings inside the battery compartment will guide you in aligning your AAs correctly. Next comes the pairing of the remote with the drone, for which you need to press up then down on the left control stick.

Confirmation that connection between the two devices is established will be indicated by the solid red and blue lights on the bottom of the drone.

Vivitar 360 Sky View WiFi HD Video Drone Drc888

Next, rotate the drone laterally several times until the blinking front lights turn red, after which you need to rotate it vertically a few times until the rear lights turn blue. Now, press both control sticks down and left simultaneously to initiate the GPS calibration and wait until the lights on the bottom of the drone are solid red and green to indicate full calibration.

There are two ways of getting your drone airborne: you can either press up on the left control-stick to lift it off the ground, or you can take the easy route and, simply, press the take-off button on the rear left of your remote. Talking about extra features, pressing the lower right button on the remote activates the Follow Me flight mode, making the drone follow you around until you deactivate the mode.

In this mode, the drone will not only follow you but circle around you as well, giving you excellent footages for you to not only share but live stream to Android or iOS devices, as well.This drone flies well enough but the camera has terrible lag. Vivitar customer support is terrible. I own a 30 dollar drone that is better quality. If you like this drone you should factor in buying a gopro session with it. I wish i did not buy this.

The only thing good about it is the size. I would not recommend this drone camera quality is terrible at best better off buying the holystone hs for a little bit more money. I had a hard time getting it to program, it flew nice and landed like it was supposed to, then I tried to get the camera to work after I downloaded the vivitar sky view ap I tried to sync it to my iPhone 6I cannot, I tried to fly it with the controller, it would only sit there and flash all the lights on the drone and the controller.

Nothing worked. I tried to setup againno luck. It is not locked but it only sits there and flashes all the lights. I tried calling the number for help and it was nothing but scam telemarketing phone number.

It would be nice if it had worked more than once. I am heartbroken but I'm going to try to return it. Got this as a Christmas gift, that I didn't want. Extended coverage and everything. It's going in the trash, without ever being opened. A hundred dollar drone is not going to do anything well, except disappoint. Thanks but no thanks. Maybe the trash mans kids'll want it. None of the apps available on the Google Play store at functional in the slightest, crashing every time you open them to try and use the drone.

Gave it 1 star because you can't give it 0. Owned this drone less than 12 hours. Took about a dozen attempts to pair drone to controller. Finally got it to take off right at myself and a tree about 50 yards away without even touching control. Downloaded app for phone, but app constantly crashes. Never got the camera to work. Flys by itself into the woods. Plastic guards fall off constantly.

vivitar 360 skyview drone

Total waste of money, so I returned it. I don't know why people are still buying this. From outside the box is seems cool. But the moment you open it you realize that the drone is made of the cheapest plastic there is. My remote wouldn't work at all.TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use.

I spent a few weeks putting a review unit through the paces. Turns out, Vivitar makes a quality product, but it could use a bit of help in the app department.

And upon unboxing the drone I was immediately impressed. Vivitar packs everything you need in the box, down to a screwdriver for the battery compartment on the remote.

Credit: Nicole Gray. But what immediately leaped out at me was the drone itself. Both it and the remote control are coated in soft-touch plastic and it makes a nice impression. The device feels solid and well-built, and snapping on the camera and prop guards is a cinch. It manages to capture decent images and video, despite suffering from a bit of shake. It also has several advanced features that make it a lot of fun to play with. First up is the Follow Me mode that it was named after.

As advertised, it works quite well. When placed in this mode the drone will maintain a distance of about 20 meters from you and the remote control. It also boasts auto hover, headless mode, and some pretty good looks.

I appreciate that it has prop guards and detachable landing rails, and overall I felt the device was solid and sturdy. Aside from dropping connection to the drone, freezing up, and generally feeling slow and glitchy, it also lacks some pretty basic functionality. The bells and whistles work well, and despite my disappointment in the app I still enjoyed the camera.

I was impressed by how smoothly the quad reacted to the remote. Usually with drones in this price range I expect a jerky experience with a lot of overcompensation at first. But right after the initial calibration process my review unit was a breeze to control. Once I had it trimmed and auto-hovering I was able to really appreciate the engineering behind the drone.

I was able to fly for about 15 minutes before I got a low battery, which puts the Follow Me Drone towards the middle of the pack as far as flight time goes. This post includes affiliate links to products that you can buy online. If you purchase them through our links, we get a small cut of the revenue.

For more gear, gadget, and hardware news and reviews, follow Plugged on Twitter and Flipboard. Published June 29, — UTC.

June 29, — UTC.Our aircraft has a panoramic camera, which can be used for real-time communication through WiFi and mobile App. The new panoramic preview in App can watch real time images at degrees. The upgraded version of the aircraft is installed with the GPS module.

The current position of the aircraft can be transmitted to App by WiFi and displayed on the map, and more importantly, App will draw each flight path on the map. App's new map function is not just for display. We can also perform more interesting new flight functions like Flight points, following flight and surround flight by interacting with maps. This app takes some getting used to but once you understand it, it becomes easier.

There are some bugs that need to be worked out, it crashes and then the app closes it self in mid flight. Also, you lose signal to the camera once you go above a certain height. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Nov 21, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Guan Zhi. Size 17 MB. Category Entertainment. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.

Parts for Vivitar DRC-888 SkeyeView 360 Camera GPS Drone

Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Sky Viper Video Viewer. FAO Drone.Find your next pair of brand name, discounted headphones or speakers. Feed your soul with some quality sound! This high flying camera has a degree vantage point that is able to circle around fully for a bigger and better view! Able to flip in all directions, this drone gives you infinite possibilities to capture your favorite moments on its Full HD camera and video with With built-in Dual GPS, this drone will follow you around without controlling it, and it also features auto take-off and landing, return home and hover modes!

Built-in WiFi connectivity allows you to control the camera and drone with the app for easy usage and footage.

The fun will never stop with the Follow Me Drone! Close menu. Headphones Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Speakers Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Men's Apparel Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Women's Apparel Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Accessories Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Desktop Computers Expand submenu Collapse submenu. Laptops Expand submenu Collapse submenu.

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vivitar 360 skyview drone

New releases. Vivitar View Sakar International, Inc. Add to Wishlist. Through the Vivitar View app, you will be able to enjoy degree video recording and degree photo shooting remotely. After connecting the DVR and your smart device, you can live view the camera video stream, start degree video recording, take a degree picture, view a thumbnail and download the video or picture into your smart device, or share degree videos and pictures with your friends.

Reviews Review Policy. Bug Fixes. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. A wealth of data in the palm of your hand. Vivitar Smart Home Security. Sakar International, Inc. Mobile Access for Smart Security World cameras. Vivitar Smart Security 2. Smart Security System. IP Cam Soft. More by Sakar International, Inc. Vivitar Get Fit.

The Vivitar GetFit app provides the easiest way to track your health and fitness. Altec Lansing Just Listen.

vivitar 360 skyview drone

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