Multiple x reader lemon

Every fan fanfiction, no matter what website, will have a rating. Lemon is an extra rating that the author will put either in the tag, description, or even the title of their story. But with this code name, authors were able to tell their readers what the story was about, without getting flagged by the website it was being published on. At first, lemon was only used in the anime community.

Within recent years, lemon has spread to other fandoms. Today, lemon is commonly used in the cartoon community, with fanfictions about Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Star vs the Forces of Evil.

A hentai anthology anime with a new story and a new cast of characters every so often. This includes different genres, ranging from fantasy to horror. For those of you with a specific type of fetish, Cream Lemon has got you covered. In one of the short stories, a village was under attack. The attackers pillaged the town, and had their way with the women. The only one who can save the villagers is a majestic Goddess. To further expand upon the definition of lemon, a lemon fanfiction involves explicit sexual acts between characters.

Reading fanfic kokichi x reader lemon 18+

Lemon works are popular with the shipping community. A community where people look for specific fanart or fanfictions of a couple they ship. But a lemon does not have to be about only one couple.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Another style of lemon involves multiple partners in one room. A lemon could be a yaoi, yuri, and straight couple. Other interesting lemon fanfictions are the Reader lemons. For example, say you are in love with Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket. A Kuroko x Reader fanfiction. With this, the reader can insert themselves into the story, as the author writes about how you and Kuroko go on a date, or how you and Kuroko kiss. But what if the reader wants to be with multiple characters?

Take Free Iwatobi Swim Club for example. What otaku fangirl would want to be with just one Free boy? Some authors will make an entire book dedicated to Free x Reader one-shots.

Meaning each chapter, the reader will be paired with another character. Each chapter will have a new setting and scenario. The following chapter could have you and Makoto married with children. The possibilities are endless! Lime is a hint of lemon. Sometimes, an author is curious about lemons, but is too embarrassed to write explicit details about sex.

Instead, they write a few limes to get comfortable, and then move onto lemons. Other authors will use limes as build up for an upcoming lemon chapter.Sighing with relief, you stepped into the scalding hot shower, pulling the heavy curtain closed, sealing you off from the rest of the shower room. The door of the showers was tightly shut, trapping the cleansing heat within. You massaged lavender oil through your thick locks, relishing the feeling of grime being washed away.

As you turned to grab the soap, you bumped your injured wrist off the tiled wall. Hissing in pain, you cursed loudly. Sore as it was now, practising hand to hand with a bad sprain would only damage it further. Still, you weren't one to complain- having a free afternoon was always a bonus. Well, you were supposed to be cleaning the Mess-Hall but you figured a sneaky shower was on the cards. At least you had the whole showers to yourself, a once in a lifetime event.

You got to have the good stall too. It was a standing joke that one of the showers was permanently stuck on full blast, creating the illusion of a ghost with a shower fetish. The noise of the rushing water from the broken cubicle became part of the background for you recruits. It seemed eerily quiet without Sasha threatening to yank back the shower dividers or Ymir flicking water at everyone.

The walls were silent, devoid of the giggles and echoes that normally reverberated around the room. Holding your throbbing wrist under the scalding stream soothed it somewhat, and as the pain ebbed away, you began to once more appreciate the luxury of hot water.

It ran in furrows down your shoulders, trickling between your soaped breasts. Miniscule droplets twinkled on your eyelashes, casting miniature rainbows before your pupils. As you reluctantly prepared to rinse off, you heard the door open and voices quietly mumbling. The rushing water blotted out the words. You groaned inwardly. Sasha was easy-going but she hated people knowing what she got up to with Connie.

Connie on the other hand, bragged about it to the other boys. Typical male. Annie was the unlucky one to get caught with them last time. You had never seen Sasha so angry or Annie so freaked out. The rest of the class had decided unanimously to simply pretend they weren't there if they got trapped with the amorous couple again.

After all, a few snatched minutes here and there was all anyone had in such close quarters.Your fingers fumbled through all the different items and sighed.

This was ridiculous… a stupid childish game, and you swore to yourself that if you picked Tony, you were going to kill him. Your hands suddenly locked around something small. Whatever it was, it would do… You sighed softly and retrieved your hand from the bag. What was that…? Your brows furrowed and you gently prodded the small black spider toy with your index finger.

The small spider, which you had assumed to be a toy made an abrupt movement in your hand. You gasped and flicked your wrist, hoping to fling it from your hand. Bruce offered you the bag again, but for the umpteenth time tonight, you shook your head. No way. Not gonna do it. The red head offered you a sly, conniving smile, which you mimicked when you finally realised her plan.

multiple x reader lemon

Tony paused to contemplate your words, but Bruce picked up on your plan automatically. The both of you sat in the closet, talking and laughing happily. However, soft murmuring and the sound of shuffling feet on the other side of the door. Both you and Nat looked towards the door questioningly when it slowly opened. Thor, Tony and Clint peered in, with Loki, Bruce and Steve moving to get a better view from the background.

The red haired woman stood up first, and you followed not too far behind. However, just before you were able to escape the closet, Tony blocked your way, a large, scheming grin covering his face. You both groaned. You were a few inches away from Nat; you could still see Tony, Thor and Clint out of the corner of your eye.

Their excited and intense gaze was making you exceedingly nervous. You allowed your muscles to slump, and you pulled away, earning loud, disgruntled groans from most of the guys outside of the closet.

Natasha let out a soft, irritable sigh and grabbed hold of your arm and pulled you into a kiss. Her hand moved to your waist and pulled your body to hers. Her slightly superior bust pressed against your own, sending a strangely pleasurable sensation through your entire being. At first you were hesitant to allow her access, but you gave in eventually, and moved your hands to her back.I sat down and read a book about a princess and her prince. I got so focussed in my book that I lost track of time.

I got to the middle of the old book and stopped to see what time it was. Panic set in when I saw it had been 3 hours since my family had left. You know how Isabel is. I set the book down, giving up on reading, and began worrying. I then heard my stomach growling, realizing how hungry I was so I got food from the kitchen. I grabbed some bread from the little loaf we had left and ate. When I finished I went back into the main room and sat in the chair waiting to see when Levi, Farlan, and Isabella would get back.

Time passed, and soon I felt my eyes trying to drift off into sleep. My lids getting heavier and heavier until I could no longer hold them open.

Sleep finally taking my body over.

Hetalia Imagines

I cried that whole day wondering if they were captured or if they had just left, not wanting to be near me anymore. Eventually, I dropped the thought of them being captured and adopted the idea that they had planned on leaving all along. Others I tried to ignore the thought. I decided on moving on and continued my life. I taught myself how to fight that way I could survive in the underground. I no longer wanted to be burden on anyone like I had been to my family.

multiple x reader lemon

I sat in the chair I had read in the night they had left, contemplating on my current situation. I would survive, there was no way I was going to let this situation bring me down. I went to the market area saying hello to the nice people and ignoring the trouble makers. On another street I saw I bread cart. I decided to steal a little loaf. I then went back to the quiet and empty place I called home. When I got there I noticed that my door was hanging open.

I went up to the door to see some one with the survey corpse uniform standing in the main room of my home. I instantly ran out to see if I could see what my intruder looked lien, but they were long gone. I went back into my house and angrily shut the window and locked the door. I sat in my chair and tried to calm my nerves.

Of course, my mind wanted to only think about the situation and began wondering what they wanted from in here and why it happen to me out of all the other people in my neighborhood. I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water taking a sip. When I finished the water in my glass I went back into the living room. As I walked in I turned to look at the old picture of Levi, Farlan, Isabel, and I, huddled together, noticing the picture missing.

I looked around for it thinking maybe I had misplaced it, but finding it was no where. I realized then that for some reason the person that was in here could of taken it from here and then flew off when he heard me speak. My mind flashed back to the day we took the picture. Farlan, Isabel, and I were all trying to get Levi to smile and, for once, we were successful. As the memory faded, I felt a tear slowly fall down my cheek.

I wiped it away. Not ever again.As soon as they got to the party she started teasing him. But she hadn't been prepared for this He picked her up and pinned her between him and the wall She was already breathing heavy against his neck gasping everytime he slammed his covered dick against her.

Oh my god he was gonna make her cum with out even taking her clothes off! This just wouldn't do He sat her down and ripped the bottom of her panties out while she tried, in vain, to get his pants undone.

He pushed her hands away and shoved his pants and boxers down around his ankles before lifting her back up and pushing her skirt up around her waist. She looked down and moaned at his swollen cock. God baby. Please don't tease" He gave her a dark accusing look "I think we've had enough teasing tonight" And slammed inside her He pulled all the way out and slammed back in.

She gasped his name and he started slamming in and out as hard as he could as she cried out over and over again with each thrust. She could feel him pulsing and swelling inside her and her eyes rolled back as she started panting.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He moaned loud as she tightened around him. Soak my swollen cock with your cum" Her whole body trembled when he whispered in her ear and she screamed his name as she came.

He slowed his thrusting to a stop and lowered her to the floor leaning his head against her shoulder breathing heavy. She ran her fingers through his hair and whispered "Baby?

What is Lemon? [Definition, Meaning]

She could tell by his still throbbing cock that she hadn't done something wrong so why He picked her back up wrapping her legs around his waist so he didn't have to slide out just yet and walked outta the entry hall way into the living room. She watched his face confused as to what he was doing. He turned and walked behind the couchhad she been wearing panties, she would have soaked them through. He lowered her back down to the floor and slowly slid outta her.

His voice was almost enough to make her cum on the spot She always thought it was stupid when they said that 'he had a sex voice' till she heard her lovers voice when he was like THIS! He growled and she turned slowly and trembled as he slowly slid her skirt and shredded panties down her legs brushing his finger tips across her outer-thighs.

He wrapped his arms around her and pressed right up against her. Teasing me like that when i couldn't take what was mine? She cried out his name as he slammed inside her making the couch scoot forward. So tight That's it Scream my name I want everyone of those bastards in this hotel who stared at you tonight to know who you belong to" He slid out all the way and slammed back inside her causing her to scream again. She panted heavily, haven not recovered completely from her first orgasm.

He started thrusting hard and fast making the couch screeched as it scooted across the floor. She screamed his name everytime he pounded her pussy. She tightened around him as tight as she could as she came causing him to fill her with his cum roaring her name. He leaned over laying over her gently as they leaned on the couch. They panted and tried to calm down She finally gave him a weak from sex sorta smileRequest: Anon Hi! Yet another Hamilton reader insert blog for me to obsess over!

You took a deep breath before exiting your car. Apparently his friend is fresh off the boat from France and has some poor English, but luckily you took French for all of highschool. Thanks to your two friends who inspired you to take the classes, Esmerelda and Cosette, French was basically a second mother tongue. Being Alexander, he opted to meet at a park placed in the tourist area of your city.

You deducted that you were going to have to join the four in their rambunctious adventures for the sake of the newcomer. You walked around the chilly park, searching for your friend and his new companion.

multiple x reader lemon

Alex caught your eyes and greeted you. Alex motioned to his friend, who was a bit taller than him. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and his eyes sparkled with amusement. He has a bunch of other names but I kinda forgot them. He paused for a few heartbeats, as if to translate your words and his response. You looked at Alex and smiled. You smiled slyly and looked over at Lafayette.

The man smiled, in a joking manner and because of your on-point accent. The both of you shared a kind laughter while Alex awkwardly stood to the side. You shrugged in agreement and the three of you started to walk downtown where the shops were. Apparently Hercules and John were already there and waiting for their new friend. As your trio headed down the sidewalk, you looked up to the new acquaintance on your right and smiled. He noticed your short stare and looked back at you.

Lafayette put his head in his hands and and waved one off. You giggled and crossed your arms as you grinned. It has been going like this for a few days now. You were to teach Lafayette some English, and when he asked you you followed him throughout the day during errands.

But lately, you two have been hanging out more, and less going out. Lafayette thought hard for a moment, staring at the wall in front of him. His hair was always in that little puffball on the top corner of his head, and the corners of his lips were always animated in some way, shape or form.

Maybe you were falling for the Frenchman, maybe you were just being really petty, but you had greatly appreciated his handsome looks from time to time.

You put a finger to the middle of his chest, and he looked down. Right when his head moved down, you dragged your finger up from his chest and up his face.

What was that for? You giggled and stuck your tongue out playfully at him. As you began scrolling on your phone after your little banter, Lafayette caught himself staring at you. Unlike him, you have been oblivious from his occasional gawking.

You were extremely likeable, and you easily made friends with random people.Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me it's all J. Rowling's' except for Tesia, she is the creation of my best friend Taylor who asked me to write this Fanfic for her so I am. Summary: Tesia Meran went to school same year as Cedric Diggory, they were friends all 7 years but she fell in love with him that day on the train when she met him.

This is after their 7th year, in this Cedric doesn't die in the Triwizard Tournament. Cedric invites Tesia to his place for dinner on his 18th birthday for dinner, this is what happens…. I can't believe Cedric invited me to his house for his birthday, I'm so excited! I thought to myself. My name is Tesia Meran, I turned 18 on October 19th, and I was presently in my bathroom getting ready to spend time with my crush Cedric Diggory.

I put on the dress I got for my birthday; it was an electric blue dress that went beautifully with my pale complexion. I began to brush my dark brown hair that was right below my shoulder blades, I had beautiful straight dark brown hair that was the perfect dark brown because it looked almost black in the shadows but in the sun you could see that it looked like dark chocolate, I loved my hair.

Next I put on a little brown eyeliner and some blue and brown eye shadows to make my light chocolate brown eyes pop nicely. When I looked in the mirror I looked gorgeous, I fortunately was blessed with very beautiful looks and a very beautiful voice, particularly when I sang.

I never believed anyone who told me until Cedric helped me with my self esteem, he's a wonder that man, that's one of the reasons I love him but I don't think he knows or feels the same unfortunately.

I know he liked Cho Chang almost all through our 7 years at Hogwarts but he ended up breaking up with her after the Triwizard Tournament because she kept eyeing Harry Potter afterwards.

After we graduated those two ended up getting together, leaving Cedric single. I looked in the mirror one last time and dabbed a little of my favorite lip gloss on, it was a pink shimmer that made my lips look more round and beautiful. I sprayed on some of my Victoria's Secret Love Spell body spray on so I smelt good and then walked out to the living room to say good bye to my parents.

Looking at my parents it was obvious where I got my looks, I was the exact image of my mother but she had Sapphire blue eyes, I had gotten my eyes and my perfectly straight teeth from my father. He was 6'0" where I was only 5'5" but like I said he had light chocolate brown eyes, he had a tanner complexion than my mother and I, he had light brown hair and he wore glasses.

I hugged my father and kissed his cheek and did the same to my mother and said, "I'm not sure when I'll be back but don't wait up for me," when they agreed I walked out the door into the nice fall night.


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