Classifica basket serie

Con Milano, Venezia e Virtus imbattute ci sono anche Trieste e Varese, mentre cade in volata Sassari: il punto tra conferme e sorprese dopo le prime due giornate.

Vince facile anche Venezia che a Cremona si impone grazie ad un primo quarto da con Chappell protagonistapoi ci pensano Fotu, Tonut e Daye a tenere lontana Cremona a cui non bastano Williams e Hommes che ne segnano 28 in due. Nella terza giornata del campionato di basket ancora uno show di Milano che va a vincere a Protagoniste del doppio anticipo casalingo le due bolognesi vivono destini alterni: la Virtus Non si ferma la marcia dell'Ax Milano in Eurolega.

Ricevi live da SkySport le breaking news sui principali eventi sportivi.

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Per accettare le notifiche devi dare il consenso nel successivo popup. Altro Mappa del sito Archivio. Basket: Altre Notizie Olimpia Milano, altro show. Basket City amara per la Virtus, bene la Fortitudo serie a. Bel debutto al Forum per l'Olimpia: Asvel ko eurolega. Milano, Venezia e Virtus imbattute, Sassari ko Basket. Tripla di Shields, l'Olimpia parte bene: Bayern ko eurolega.

Video in evidenza. Arriva sempre primo Ricevi live da SkySport le breaking news sui principali eventi sportivi. Ricevi le notifiche.

Formula 1.

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Basket e NBA. Altri sport.Tamborini Clementi.

classifica basket serie

Zandalini Bravi. Menegatti Rivadossi Spatti. Grassi Carli. Assi Gandini Longoni. Cadalora Lampignani Mauri. Colombo Giardinelli Colombo Giardinelli.

Riboldi Forneris. Garegnano Bertoglio. Colzani Puddu. Casserino Faranna Marin. Carioli Pescali. Corbella Romano. Bianchi Lazzari Mai.

Colombo Nalon. Alivia Rosada. Testa Pini. Gianluca Vantellino.

classifica basket serie

Bonassi Monti Rossini. Fumagalli Iosca. Valle Bruzzese Sigari. Di Landri Tettamanzi. Cornolti Zanini. Mercante Grimoldi. Pasini Casnigo Pizzocolo Zucca. Maffioletti Cattaneo. Natola Allegretti. Eleni Fregoni Iacunello. Piva Moroni Porta. Gargantini Bernareggi. Ricci Grimaldi. Bonaita Maffioletti. Tassi Moschini.Fortitudo Alessandria. Pino Dragons Firenze. Oleggio Magic Basket. Raggisolaris Faenza. Andrea Costa Imola. Libertas Livorno. Rinascita Basket Rimini.

New Flying Balls Ozzano. Fulgor Omegna. San Giobbe Chiusi.

Trofeo delle Regioni 2018 - Lombardia / Friuli Venezia Giulia 1 q

Olimpo Basket Alba. Basket Golfo Piombino. Tigers Cesena. Basket Cecina. Etrusca S. Girone B Calendario Classifica Marcatori. Bologna Basket Robur et Fides Varese. Corona Platina Piadena. Torrenovese Aq Neb. Fortitudo Agrigento.

Omnia Lungavilla Pavia.The league was created in Mayby the Lega Basketthe organisation in charge of running the LBA to this daythat decided to create a new second division with 10 clubs. The two that were relegated during that season, and 8 from the now-former second tier Serie B, chosen with an on and off the court criteria. The —76 season saw 12 clubs take part, after a complicated system had seen a transfer of clubs from the Serie A1 to the A2. Lega Basket now took part in running the league, though a system of promotion and relegation between the leagues remained.

During the summer, another revamp was decided. The next best eight Silver squads fought for one spot in the next Gold season, whilst the three worst teams were relegated. The next season saw the league retake its Serie A2 moniker, keeping a similar but tweaked hybrid model, with the eight best Gold and the four best Silver teams taking part in the promotion playoffs still for the one spotwhilst the last two Gold and the penultimate and ante-penultimate Silver squads play a relegation play out the last ranked Silver team was relegated outright.

For the —16 season, the Serie A2 Basket is composed of 32 teams with a regional subdivision in two equal groups of sixteen, East and West. Each team plays the others in its subgroup twice, the first ranked team of each group then plays the eighth ranked team of the other group e. East 1 against West 8then the second best against the seventh, and so on, to form a promotion playoffs for one place of sixteen teams.

Since the —19 season the Playoffs winner is the third promoted team to LBA. The two other promoted clubs, which are also the top seeded on the League Table at the end of the Regular Season, have to face a final of two matches to decide the winner of the Serie A2.

Lista Campionati Nazionali

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lega Basket. Retrieved 7 August Nuova formula e tanti big" [At the start of the Gold and Silver League. A new formula and so many stars]. Retrieved 26 April Retrieved 25 June Basketball in Italy. International men's basketball. Men's professional basketball leagues. Australia New Zealand. Basketball Africa League. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Fortitudo Bologna 1st title.Ti costa meno di una birra al mese [Clicca qui]. Fortitudo Alessandria. Pino Dragons Firenze. Oleggio Magic Basket. Raggisolaris Faenza.

Andrea Costa Imola. Libertas Livorno. Rinascita Basket Rimini. New Flying Balls Ozzano. Fulgor Omegna. San Giobbe Chiusi. Olimpo Basket Alba. Basket Golfo Piombino. Tigers Cesena. Basket Cecina. Etrusca S. Girone B Calendario Classifica Marcatori. Bologna Basket Robur et Fides Varese. Corona Platina Piadena.But this challenge will be overcome in 2016 and this will allow formats to finally evolve.

classifica basket serie

When producing content and advertising for Discover, publishers need to create highly visual stories with short attention spans in mind. This trend will continue and grow in 2016 (and beyond), leading to significant changes in the presentation of mobile content and advertising. User-initiated videos will become mainstream, boasting enhanced performance metrics that provide advertisers with genuine insights into actual views and time spent on ads.

Cross-platform video campaigns that leverage the unique strengths of each platform, and consider the implications that each has on the entire buying cycle, will be the Achilles heel of TV and the future of advertising.

In fact, the number of ad blocker users has exploded of late, with one-in-five UK adults implementing one. The smartphone is now our go-to device in the UK, the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we look at before going to sleep.

Marketers will need to ensure their campaigns are truly cross-screen, thinking mobile-first when approaching their business strategies. The investment in these new formats will be centered on native video, allowing text-based publishers to tap into fast growing video advertising budgets. Viewability became a hot topic in 2015 for desktop video advertising. We should expect to have profound impacts on mobile video advertising, changing the way advertisers allocate spend and price to actual user engagement.

Mobile video has strong potential to drive engagement beyond the actual view, like app installs, and convert users down the funnel. This will be powerful given the immersive nature of both of these formats, which will have a huge impact on mobile advertising landscape. What I mean by that is essentially retailers becoming agencies.

Retail brands have long been delving into the world of publishing by creating custom content for their sites around recipes or seasonal allergy guides. The next logical step is to become retail trading desks too. The point of sale and customer relationship management (CRM) data supermarket chains are constantly gathering is richer than anything any media agency or brand has access to.

This data runs both offline and online and brands desperate to better understand their customers would jump at the opportunity to access it. Some global retailers have already been experimenting with this approach, notably Amazon and Walmart, as well as others such as Coles in Australia, but 2016 will be the year the global retail sector really wakes up to the potential of the retail trading desk.

The coming year will see major strides in the aggregation of data from disparate sources into a single view that can be used to drive holistic marketing strategies. Marketers will continue to adopt data management platforms (DMPs) and increase their focus on unifying marketing and advertising data and messaging, resulting in the eventual merger of ad tech and martech.

It will also mean increased collaboration and validated technological partnerships between mid-sized companies looking to make sure their individual solutions can work interoperably towards common marketing goals.

The value of third-party data will be further scrutinised as marketers ask, how valuable is data that just about anyone can purchase. And, with the rise of walled gardens, will second-party data become fragmented.

To allow advertisers the best opportunity to engage with consumers, first-party data must still rule. One way we expect brands and agencies to make sure their digital campaigns hit home next year is via an increased focus on moment marketing.There was a small change to our itinerary and great efforts were made to compensate for that with an extra evening meal and additional visit to a small farm as well as a trip on a trawler in the Western Fjords. These were much appreciated.

My friend Lesley Hallett and I visited the Nordic Visitor Office in Reykjavik after our tour and were delighted to meet some of the staff. We recorded a short video of some of our immediate reactions to the tour. This was the first time I have used a travel company to plan and book our vacation. The process was very easy. It was well worth it. Our travel consultant, Helga G. The itinerary was detailed and made it very easy for us to plan our day.

The Welcome packet we received provided excellent information about various attractions. The highlighted map that was provided was very handy in helping us find our way and manage our time.

Even the people that transported us from the hotel to the airport were prompt and friendly. I never felt I had to worry about something going wrong with the travel plans. A year ago, we had used Nordic to book a trip to Iceland. We enjoyed our travels in the country so much and had such an outstanding experience with Nordic that we used them again this year to book a trip to visit part of the country that we didn't see last year.

We're already thinking of a return trip for next year--and will, of course, use Nordic again. We thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed our guide's knowledge and expertise.

Brian was extremely informative, patient, and entertaining. He was very considerate of the fact that we were 2 active but older women. He was also very kind to other travellers who realized he was a guide and would stop him to ask advice. Although this was to be my only trip to Scotland, thanks to his influence and fascinating instruction on the Highlands and Highlanders, I know I need to see more. I would let Nordic Visitor give more advice on the tour must sees. We met with the Edinburgh office staff - Maria, Anna, and Kris - after our tour was done, again Brian going above and beyond to bring us to meet them, days after our tour was over.

I cannot say enough good things about all the help they gave us. Even though we did not have the opportunity to meet with Helga in person we felt extremely well looked after by all her hard work and planning before and during the trip, and would completely recommend her and the Nordic Visitor team, you are all wonderful. We would have loved to drop by the office to tell you in person how much fun we were having but we squeezed in extra activities so didn't end up having time to do so.

We had asked for a tailored trip which was a day longer than the tour on the website, and Helga organised this effortlessly. We also requested a combination of comfort and superior rooms and again she organised this with no trouble. The comfort rooms were pretty nice to stay in, occasionally having hot-tubs outside and always delicious food at their restaurants. The superior rooms we stayed at were incredibly memorable and really completed our honeymoon experience.

It was the most fantastic honeymoon we could have imagined, thank you so much for organising it for us. We travelled as a family of two adults and one child and organised our combined tours 'Tale of Four cities' Scandinavian capitals and 'Iceland Full Circle' from afar totally online.

The online experience went extremely smoothly. Our consultant, Sirry, was very helpful and responsive.

She communicated well and with his prior to our arrival and when we arrived at our first destination everything was well arranged and ran very smoothly - the transfers, the hotels, the ferries, the car hire. The comprehensive package of maps, brochures and information books provided was a fabulous resource.


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